Vortec 8100 / L18 / 8.1L Engine Swaps

1988 chevy truck 8.1L engine swap
1988 Chevy 8.1L Engine Swap

Gary Puls shows you how to swap an 8.1L into a 1988 Chevy fullsize.

8.1L Big Block Swap - '88 Chevy Fullsize
corvette 8.1L big block swap
1969 Corvette 8.1L Engine Swap

Corvette Enthusiast magazine swaps an 8.1L engine into a 1969 Corvette and makes 430hp / 570ft-lbs with a very mild cam and stock heads!

8.1L Hot Rod Swap - '69 Corvette
8.1l l18 engine swap resource
CK5 Engine Conversion Thread

CK5 Forum has an excellent 8.1L engine swap resouce thread with great pictures and part numbers for those considering an L18 / 8.1L / 496 engine swap. Watch Larry put an 8.1L into a 1978 Chevy Truck and a 1989 Chevy Suburban.

8.1L Swap Thread
l18 engine swap into 8.1 oldsmobile wagon secret weapon
1980 Olds Wagon Conversion Article

Watch this 8.1L powered 1980 Oldmobile wagon roast its tires in this Bangshift article.

1980 Oldmobile Wagon 8.1L Swap