Vortec 8100 / 8.1L / 496cid GEN7R Intake Manifold

The stock 8.1 liter intake manifold was designed for low RPM use and cannot meet the high-RPM air flow demands of the 496 / 8.1 liter engine in performance applications. The Raylar GEN7R intake manifold has been engineered for one purpose, maximum airflow and power output. We designed the GEN7R intake manifold to provide better airflow and optimized performance while still functioning as a drop in replacement or the restrictive stock intake manifold. It's design that allows it to bolt on in the same space as the stock manifolds, and accepts all standard fittings, sensors, brackets, injectors, fuel rails, and accessories without additional modifications to the engine or its wiring. Our GEN7R intake manifold incorporates shorter length, high velocity, tuned runners to produce stronger mid-range torque and higher RPM horse power with a large, unrestricted plenum to satisfy this engine’s demand for more air at higher RPM’s. The Raylar GEN7R intake manifold adds an additional 30% in air volume over the stock manifold, which means proper breathing at high RPM and big power gains across the entire power band - especially in modified applications.

raylar aluminum 8.1l 496 intake manifold
Raylar GEN7R Intake Manifold - $1350

The aluminum intake manifold for the 7th generation big block chevy is engineered to maximize the horsepower and torque levels of the 496 / 8.1 liter vortec engine when used with performance cylinder heads and camshafts.

  • (4 bolt / LS2) accepts both 90MM & 102MM throttle bodies.
8.1l 496 90mm throttle body
90MM Marine Cable Throttle Body - $650

90mm cable throttle body required for marine applicaions - bolts right up to the Raylar intake manifold and existing cables in Mercruiser appications.

Vortec 8.1L Intake Manifold Modification

vortec 8.1l 496cid intake manifold porting
80mm Intake Manifold Modification - $1350

For big block 8.1 liter engines not requiring maximum high-RPM airflow, we can modify your stock 496 / 8.1 liter intake manifold. This intake modification will increase airflow to your big block vortec engine while still retaining stock looks and passes emissions. We remove the stock plenum blockages inside the manifold to reduce restriction and free up horsepower and smooth the individual intake runners. Intake manifold modification will show gains in the low and midrange RPM band.

L18 8.1L EFI Stack Injection Manifold

vortec 8.1l 496cid stack injection intake manifold
Billet Aluminum Stack Injection - Call

Our billet aluminum EFI stack inection intake manifold is the same induction system we use on the 632cid H0750. It is the perfect fit for maximum performance and style in hot rods, boats and muscle cars. Each of our stack injection manifolds are custom made for your application at the time of order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Raylar GEN7R Manifold Design

vortec 8.1l 496cid intake manifold air path

The GEN7R manifold's large, open plenum and bell-mouthed 14 inch runners provide ample torque with plenty of volume for upper RPM horsepower and is all but mandatory for aftermarket applications.

vortec 8.1l 496cid intake manifold plenum

Stock Restrictive Intake

vortec 8.1l 496cid intake manifold air path

In the image above, you can compare the intake path as the air enters the air bank. The stock manifold opens to an air dam routing air deeper into the manifold, restricting airflow and adding heat. The blue line in the image below shows the airflow into the stock Chevrolet / GM Vortec 8100 8.1L intake manifold. There are three changes in direction before the air has even reached the plenum! The red line in the image to the right shows air as it flows out of the heat soaked core through the curved runners into the engine.

Modified Intake Power Gains

The stock intake manifold really chokes the Vortec 8.1L engine back. Our intake manifold modification removes all restriction from the intake system, allowing your engine to breathe properly and produce better power, primarily in the low and midrange.