About Raylar

The team at Raylar Engine Development Inc. has been involved in the automotive, truck and marine industry for nearly 60 years combined. Our owners have been "motor heads" during their individual careers and have had years of racing and product development experience. Before Raylar, our team was always involved in projects that made engines and components perform better because of our hands on engine experience within the automotive and marine industries. Our attention to detail, keen working knowledge of the internal combustion engine, commitment to quality and the single idea that if you can develop and produce better performing products, customers will beat a path to your door.

Our parts are made in the USA, with performance levels at or above industry standards. We've combined our talents in a team approach with some of the finest names in the automotive and marine aftermarket industries to bring you the best products available for the 496cid / 8.1L engine. The expert design, engineering and manufacturing abilities of these great companies have joined with Raylar to provide higher quality performance products to the aftermarket.

Raylar knows our customers demand products with proven performance. You want engine parts free of marketing hype, products that can perform well day in and day out without failure. We know that the best warranty is a product that does not break!

Modified Intake Power Gains

The stock intake manifold really chokes the Vortec 8.1L engine back. Our intake manifold modification removes all restriction from the intake system, allowing your engine to breathe properly and produce better power - everywhere in the powerband.

Vortec 8100 / 8.1L 496cid Pistons

The stock Vortec 8.1L cast pistons are not designed to withstand the forces of aggressive boost use. We routinely see engines with cracked, chipped and even shattered pistons which result in catastrophic engine damage. Our stage 2 kits come with fully forged components, ensuring maximum reliability and performance.