JBA 8mm Performance Spark Plug Wires

vortec 8100 8.1l jba 8mm performance spark plug wires
Chevy/GM Truck-8.1L - $210
  • 8mm Wires
  • Extra thick diameters
  • 100% silicone jackets
  • Ultra low resistance design
  • Wire wound mag conductors
  • Available in Red or Blue

496cid Marine Spark Plug Wires

mercury marine 496 mag performance spark plug wires
Replacement Marine Spark Wires - $210

Don't waste $400+ buying replacements from the dealer! Our spark plug wires are direct replacement for your unequal length 496MAG / 496MAG HO Mercury Marine wires.

The Most Spark For Your Money

spark plug wire cutaway

JBA ignition wires have less than half the resistance of most factory wires, which frees spark energy and increases performance! Get as much as 5+ hp gain with JBA PowerCables as tested by Car Craft Magazine. They feature 100% silicone jackets and unique boot ends designed for maximum clearance and long life for severe duty applications. These heavy duty ignition wires come standard with wire-wound mag conductors for superior electro magnetic interference suppression (EMI).